Intermittently unable to reach Gmail

I am intermittently unable to reach Gmail using the Chrome browser in Windows 8.1, the issue may occur after an hour of PC use or after five.
I do not understand how Chrome can resolve names for every other domain, IE can resolve the Gmail domain name, but Chrome cannot resolve the Gmail domain name.
This has occurred both on my local PC (running LastPass, Ghostery, Disconnect, FlashBlock, Evernote Clearly, Google Docs, and AdBlocker Plus extensions while signed into Chrome) and a slim PC (Google Documents extension while not signed into Chrome) we use in the conference room.
I am able to ping and access I can access Gmail from IE without issue and no Window 7 users have reported the issue. This issue occurred both with an older version of chrome (32. something I believe, I updated it this morning), and with the current latest version 33.0.1750.117 m. The issue occurs with both https and http, though http automatically re-directs me to https; trying to load the plain html version does not help either. Browsing history/cookies/etc… have been cleared since the beginning of time, Use a prediction service to help complete searches and URLs typed in the address bar and Predict network actions to improve page load performance have both been disabled. Windows is up to date on both machines, all firewalls (Windows and McAfee) and AV (McAfee) software are disabled. We do not use a proxy server. These two PC’s have addresses assigned via DHCP.
Restarting the box does resolve the issue temporarily. Attached are two net-internals-log for several queries, including successful queries for other sites/other Google domains and unsuccessful queries for Gmail.
Any help or insight would be greatly appreciated, thank you very much.

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